Saturday, November 26, 2016

Golderg Dominated At WWE Survivor Series - So Who's Next?

 Originally written for Farm Dog on 11/26/16
by Matt MacNabb


The WWE has had a great year, bringing a lot of their storylines out of the gutter and salvaging so much of their lost programming opportunities with the brand split between Raw and Smackdown this past summer. The move provided a creative shift that was desperately needed to spice up what had become very redundant programming. Add in the long anticipated return of Bill Goldberg, most famous for his run in WCW, and 2016 has shaped-up nicely. WWE immediately pitted Goldberg in a one-match deal at Survivor Series to rekindle and resolve his last match, which was back at Wrestlemania 21 against Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has been built as a tough competitor the past few years in WWE, after he beat the Undertaker's famed undefeated Wrestlemania streak at Wrestlemania 30. Fans were all expecting a brutal battle between the two giants, but instead what we got was a squash match lasting only 1:24, with Goldberg destroying Lesnar.

Our family, and millions others, were gathered live in front of the television to watch the spectacle. The chants of GOLDBERG, GOLDBERG ran wild through the audience and I could feel my own excitement build as his music hit. I spent a lot of my later teenage years watching Goldberg plow through the ranks at WCW and I was a big fan of his back then. I discovered quickly that I still am today. I was literally on my feet, hands in the air when Goldberg delivered two vicious spears and then jackhammered Lesnar for the quick win. It was unexpected, but glorious to see. A fantastic moment in wrestling history. It opened up Goldberg for more returns and we found out the next night on Monday Night RAW that's exactly what was going to happen! Goldberg's music hit as the show opened and the man himself came down to the ring to deafening cheers to let us all know that he has another title run left in him and that he would be the very first entrant into the 2017 Royal Rumble match!

It remains to be seen what plans the WWE has for Goldberg. Its being circulated on the dirt sheets (Wrestling Rumor Websites) that Lesnar wanted to do a number of matches with Goldberg, culminating at Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg currently enjoys a 2-0 record over Lesnar, so for WWE to come out in Lesnar's favor, we need at least three more matches. It would be possible if they had another confrontation at Royal Rumble, which could lead to one at Fast Lane and then at Wrestlemania...maybe a special RAW thrown in or Payback after Wrestlemania. The details remain to be seen, but this will be one of the most must-see rivalries in WWE for a long time!

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