Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Freelance Article

Here is the latest article that I wrote for ScreenRant.com.  You can find all of my ScreenRant articles here.

Gotham Season 2 Features ‘Serialized’ Story; Bill Finger Getting Batman Credit

Fox’s Gotham series is the only presence of Batman on television today, but as a prequel series it has fought an uphill battle to establish its new take on Batman’s history and characters in the hearts of fans. The first season of the show served as a huge building block that is set to pay off for viewers in season two.

The second season of Gotham is going to feature the rise of the villains, chaos in Gotham, a darker Jim Gordon and a more serialized format that should give the show a more epic saga feel. There will also be an unexpected, but long overdue, name being added to the list of credits.

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